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SL’s mission is to motivate, transform, and empower. They use mindful media to create applicable, useful, and entertaining relationship conversations.  They do this by sharing theory, real world experiences, and their unique generational perspectives to empower  audiences toward critical thinking and change. 


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Dr. Estella and Dr. Jacinta Ck’s (Dr. Jai) story starts with a mother and daughters bond,  and a wonderful journey through time together.  In 2012, their new shared journey and love for people led them to embark on Doctoral degrees.

During these three years of reflection and self awareness they gained insights on how to better improve relationships and knowledge exchange. The insights learned in personal and professional relationships led them to creating Strategic Ladies a mindful media company.  

This company was the first step in turning their people skills into a passion for relationship management.  Since then they have created many programs based on emotional intelligence, relationship management, and mindful living. Their ability to have intelligent conversations based on sound research and practical knowledge has resulted in successful outcomes for their listening audience.  

Their motto of “We are educated in theory, but are practitioners of change” has resulted in the sharing of divergent information and resources for their listeners and viewers.

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Listen in on the SL Radio show for the best in relationship and well-being information. We provide a global platform for communication, giving our listeners real world and generational perspectives on various topics.

We are Live every Friday  (11 am pst, 1 pm CST, 2 pm EST, and 7 pm GMT) 

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Let Strategic Ladies take your conversations to the next level with their mindful media services.  

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Let Meditation Mend You – Award winning and Best Selling!

“Let Meditation Mend You” shares the history, origin, and benefits of the most common forms of meditation. It is perfect for those beginners or the novelist looking for a way to enhance and de-stress their lives. It also provides a great introduction to meditation, revealing the secrets of its healing properties. The book is a great start to your meditation journey and has been incorporated into trainings, lectures, workshops and book libraries.

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This is a great way to get our book in the hands of those that need or who want to understand the science and research behind a meditative practice.  It is a great library resource book and provides real stories for those who have make meditation a ritual.

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Dr. Estella Chavous and Dr. Jacinta CK



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