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Public Speaking

Dr. Stella is an expert in her subject matter and has much content, facts and stats concerning her mission to reduce stress in the workplace.  She is an entertaining and energetic speaker that will touch your audience and leave them feeling empowered.

~Dr. Miluna  – Voice Coach


Corporate Client

While some of our staff had been familiar with the practice, many were completely unaware. Dr. Chavous offered her time to conduct a guided meditation session for all of Working Wardrobes-serving as the kick off for our new challenge. Over the course of 1 month, we saw an increase in inter-departmental collaboration.  

~Arnie- Working Wardrobes


Our company gathered for a webinar with Estella Chavous speaking on the subject of Meditation and Mindfulness.  The class included descriptions of what meditation is and what it isn’t.    She explained the traditional varieties and the wide range of methods and flexibility to explore ways to practice based on individual preferences.  Most of us started with a mixture of curiosity and skepticism, but by the end Estella convinced us all to give it a try for 4 minutes.  The feedback after the class was very positive and I’m glad we got this opportunity to offer this life skill to our team.

~Katie Kelly – Schneider – Electric


Strategic Ladies Radio Show

These ladies definitely have a lot of amazing and unique information to provide to women in the workplace, specifically with regards to meditation and making time in the day to relax. 

 Jai and Estella each brought their own unique personalities and view points to the interview, but they were very much of the same opinion in their teachings and they complimented each other very well, often elaborating on each others’ thoughts. 

 It was very clear to me after interviewing this mother-daughter duo that they are experts on relationship building and the importance of relationships in our lives-relationship with self, with friends and family, and with colleagues. 

 Their new radio show, “Strategic Ladies Radio show” provides a fresh perspective on how we can deal with relationships. I’m sure you will love it-not only for the content, but also for the energetic vibe that these two women bring to the table!

 ~Lianne Soller – Health Coach


Book – Let Meditation Mend You

This book is an important contribution to all those interested in living a life of good health, high energy, productive contributions at work and a satisfying personal life.  While the recommendations for using meditation are applicable to everyone they are of particular importance to women that often experience work/life conflict, resulting in greater stress and burnout.  Women do have the extra burden of balancing the shift from traditional to non-traditional roles while trying to keep up with work demands. However, meditation is an important strategy that benefits people from all backgrounds who devote a few minutes each day to their personal development and well-being.  The ultimate gifts of this book will come from finding a greater self-understanding, reduced stress, improved health and a better balance of personal and work life.  By following the guides in “How to Let Meditation Mend You” you will be healthier in mind, body and spirit.  Enjoy the journey.

~Dr. Keith Larick


~This book is a must read! I am a new mother and know first hand the stress in trying to balance work-life issues.  It gave me the background I needed to understand and start mediation, along with the ability to choose a method that relates to my belief system.  I so enjoyed the inspirational real life stories of how meditation benefits people in all walks of life.

~Jessyka Golsen