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  • SL Media Program Information and Media Kit…

    SL Program Information , SL Media Kit & One-Sheet

    • The SL one-sheet is a great way to get to know us and what we have to offer in Mindful Media.
    • The SL Mindful Media kit that contains our social media stats, audience demographics, KPIs Social Media, Sponsorships, and Advertising information.
    • The SL program Information is a more detailed one-sheet, outlining how we serve, what makes us different, service offerings, programing benefits

SL Program Information                              SL Media Kit



  • Mend & Renew… 

           Relationship Coaching, Social Skills, & Intuitive Matching

“Men, Women, and Families experience problems in relationships that can be difficult to deal with. Let my gift help build back healthy relationships” ~ Dr. Jai


  • DepTeach…  

    Mindful Living Meditative and Educational Services

Mindful living requires not just clarity and focus but also a re-establishment. This can be accomplished by being Mind-filled with God’s instruction, and being non-judgmental of others and their beliefs”.   ~Dr. Estella Chavous

  • Livinithealthy …

    Consulting, Classes, and Workshops 



Livinithealthy Consulting Services…..

  • Add Value and Alignment to your overall Mission
  • Maximize your Human Resource Potential
  • Support Strategic Thinking and Planning
  • Increase Productivity and Metric Tracking
  • Develop Coaching Rituals leading to sustainable outcomes