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Dr. JacintaCk (Jai) & Dr. Estella The Dynamic Duo 


Dr. Jai – Co-founder of Strategic Ladies and founder of “Ask Dr. Jai” Relationship Development and Management!





“Ask Dr. J” Relationship Development

Jacinta has years of experience in a wide variety of research and relationship techniques.  As well as specializing in the interpretation of relationship information she takes this information and applies it to bio-individualized client needs.


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Jacinta CK (JAI) Bio

Jacinta Ck (Jai)  is an American Singer/Songwriter, Radio Co-Host on “The Strategic Ladies Radio Show”, Prophetess, and co-owner of Strategic Ladies. She is currently an adjunct professor, novelist, and a stress management coach/expert.

Jacinta has a passion for music and education. She has several years of teaching experience in elementary education, higher education, as well as seminars in “leading with an empathy”. Her work experience spans from pharmaceutical territory management, entertainment, recruitment, stress management, event direction, writing, and instruction.

Jacinta has a passion for music, education and being positive.  She has numerous years of experience in writing, teaching, and public speaking.

In 2012 Jacinta became a published BMI vocalist/songwriter for several artists.  She has her own single in 2012 “I know you want me” written with Paul Hines an award-winning artist who played with Teena Marie, Michael Jackson, and Debarge.   Jacinta also is part of The project “Be The Voice”, co-written alongside Emmy award-winning Janie Lidey and singer-songwriter, Kristen Sharma this project allowed her to work with artists who share the same vision, which is to inspire the world, coming together to the realization that “We are Better Together”.

Jacinta holds a B.A. in communication with a minor in Criminology/Spanish, an  MBA in Organizational Psychology and Development and has currently advanced to a doctoral candidate in Organizational Leadership at Brandman (Chapman) University. She has been a guest radio co-host for the Women Network Radio Show, on the advisory board for the California Women’s Conference and volunteers as an ambassador for the SOC Holistic Chamber of Commerce.  Jacinta believes in giving back and spends time in local charities as well.


Dr. Estella – Co-founder of Strategic Ladies and founder of DepTeach!


Photo E


DepTeach is a mindful program for both personal and professional development.  Its curriculum is designed to develop divergent thinkers with renewed minds.


Episode #8: Dr. Estella Chavous

The Mindfulness Professor

Hello, this is Dr. Dave and you are listening to the KnolShare with Dr. Dave podcast, hosted on  KnolShare with Dr. Dave is also on iTunes and Google Play.  You are listening to episode #8 with Dr. Estella Chavous, a practitioner, and expert in mindfulness.  Mindfulness continues to play a significant role in my daily life.  As I begin my day and before entering into the distractions of each day, I begin with prayer and mindfulness to ensure that I remain present in the Now.

LISTEN HERE:  The Mindfulness Professor Interview

Dr. Estella Chavous co-authored the book “Let Meditation Mend You” with her daughter Jacinta.  You can purchase a copy on  Connect with Dr. Chavous on twitter @strategicladies.

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If you have any questions for Dr. Dave reach out on twitter @DrDaveInfo or @KnolShare.


Estella’s Personal Hello


Dr. Estella Chavous (Sha-Vu) (Dr. Estella)

…Dr. Estella is an Author, Presenter, and co-owner of Strategic Ladies and Livinithealthy Consulting.  She currently consults in all aspects of Well-Being with a special focus on being Mindful@Work and Home

She has an extensive background in sales and marketing, working in strategic leadership positions in fortune 500 companies like Abbott, Amgen, and Bristol Myers-Squibb. Her recent experience includes Launch Project Management at Schneider-electric and a Director of Outreach for Brandman University where she continues to work there as an adjunct professor. 

She has led and built effective teams, designed and implemented successful strategies, developed and managed well-being programs, and successfully led organizations through the transformational change process.

Estella is a graduate of Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching Program, a member of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce, co-host of the Strategic Ladies Radio Show, and the co-author of an Amazon best-selling book called “Let Meditation Mend You”.  She is actively involved in her faith and family and is commonly referred to as “the Mindfulness Professor”, due to her extensive work in the area of Mindful Meditation with students.  She currently holds a B.S. Degree in Biology/Chemistry, Masters in Business Administration, and a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership.

Dr.  Estella impacts organizations and individuals with her prayer and universal Mindful meditation platform.  Below are testimonials of the impact she has on others. to have her speak at your organization


 Estella’s Faith Ministry – Learn More


2014 Sleep Summit

A Interview with Dr. Estella on Stress



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