Episode 1:12: How to build SelfEsteem in Diverse Children

Posted on: March 31, 2017, by :

Strategic Ladies, Dr. Estella and Dr. JacintaCk discuss the Topic of “Building SelfEsteem with children that are diverse”.  There guest Linda Kiedi is the founder of “Kiesse Kids” a themed party supply and partyware e-commerce store.  We discussed the importance of building self-esteem in all kids and by taking the first step which is acceptance.  Linda does this by creating visual images that all kids can relate to.  She feels we help kids by helping them feel comfortable in their skin and showing that everyone is different.  As Dia,  one of our callers shared “We each have divineness and need to celebrate who we are”. This podcast will provide enlightenment to parents and remind them of the need to continually work to develop self-esteem in their children.


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