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Relationship Coaching (Men, Women and Families) , Social Skills Training, Intuitive Matching 

Dr. Jai has years of experience in a wide variety of research and relationship techniques to mend and renew relationships.  She is a natural who uses her intuition and gifts as a source, a long with her education to come up with individualized program for her clients. She  specializes in the interpretation of relationship information, she undertakes qualitative interviews with a wide range of stakeholders linking the statistics to the softer outcomes and relationship strategy.

Problems in relationships can be difficult to deal with and can give rise to many questions.  In both the corporate and personal space, questions related to relationship issues can be better navigated

Services include:

  • Relationship and Dating Etiquette
  • Coaching
  • Mindful Meditiation
  • Team Building
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Parenting
  • Social Skills Grooming
  • and more….

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Dr. Jacinta CK (Dr. Jai)