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Our mission at Strategic Ladies is to motivate, transform, and empower. Our radio show, SL Mindful Media Show, provides subscribers bi-weekly podcasts on various relationships. Our show focuses on new and veteran entertainers and how they foster sustainable relationships in what they do and on mother and daugher relationships. The Mindful Media Journal is released quarterly, focusing on entertainment news, blogs, and resources related to mind-filled relationships. We also work in all media areas providing voice over services, radio scriptwriting, content research, event hosting, and personal appearances. In addition to media, we offer relationship tools ranging from books, training, and coaching services. Our mottos of “We are educated in theory but are practitioners of change” have resulted in our clients’ positive outcomes in diverse communities worldwide. Please explore our site, subscribe to our quarterly Mindful Media Journal and let us know how to help you on your journey toward a conscious and meaningful lifestyle.

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Latest from the Mindful Media Journal

Food Intensifies Love

We eat food because it tastes good, is fun, and is suitable for our bodies and souls. But what if the actual benefit to food is the Love it brings and not just the taste?

Summer Love with Hellmut Wolf

Musician and producer Hellmut Wolf, aka “The Wolfman”, joins us again on the Mindful Media Show to talk about entertainment and the Wave of Love festival on May 8 2021.

‘Like Mothers & Daughters;’ A focus on education, self-care & wellness

Dr. Estella Chavous and Dr. Jacinta Kambach, the “Strategic Ladies”, were asked to be a guest on Insufferable Academics to continue the ongoing celebration of mothers and daughters.

Is Leadership Assessment Important?

In all businesses and organizations, the performance, success and longevity depend on its leaders. Too often we do not know the readiness of our leaders until organizational challenges face them testing their leadership qualities and ability to tackle new and existing industry challenges. This article will share why leadership assessments are important and share some valuable links to those that are readily used.