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Our mission at Strategic Ladies is to motivate, transform, and empower. Our radio show, SL Mindful Media Show, provides subscribers podcasts on various relationship perspectives. Our show focuses on mothers, daughters, sisters, and family relationships. We also interview entertainers and learn how they foster sustainable relationships. In addition to media, we have books, training, and coaching, focusing on the family. Our motto of “We are educated in theory but are practitioners of change” has positive outcomes for our clients. Please explore our site, subscribe to our quarterly Mindful Media Journal, and join us on a journey toward a conscious and meaningful living.

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Latest from the Mindful Media Journal

Ask Dr. Jai

This advice from Ask Dr. Jai gives Mrs. Engaged the answer to “Should I or Should I Not”. See Dr. Jai’s response.

Taking the Act of Kindness from Theory to Practice

Are you aware that there is sound research to support the benefits of the act of kindness? Even given in the smallest gesture, it can mean a difference to those in need and our well-being.

Tips on Improving your Mental Health and Special Guest GIancarlo Vettor

Join the Strategic Ladies as we share tips that you can do to improve your Mental Health and for our interview with Giancarlo Vettor, with the band Overhate, who is one of Venezuela’s most successful rock bands who will be in the lineup for the 2021 Wave of Love Music Festival.

Food Intensifies Love

We eat food because it tastes good, is fun, and is suitable for our bodies and souls. But what if the actual benefit to food is the Love it brings and not just the taste?