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Our mission at Strategic Ladies is to motivate, transform, and empower. Our radio show, SL Mindful Media Show, provides subscribers podcasts on various relationship perspectives that can help foster meaningful connections. In addition to media, we provide training and coaching and are published, authors. Our motto of “We are educated in theory but are practitioners of change” has positive outcomes for our clients. Please explore our site and enroll in a course or a coaching session. Join us today on a journey toward conscious and meaningful living!

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Tips to Avoid Holiday Disaster w/ Special Guest S Green

In a smooth, soulful and majestic tone, S. Green, a native of Jackson, Miss., advocates the essence of classic Rhythm and Blues set against a modern tone. When asked why his passion for classic R&B was so strong, he replies, “The artists who sang back in the day were true to their talent and their own style; which is what I’ve always aspired to do. I hope that I can continue the legacy that so many other artists have done before me and set an example for future artists.” Love can come and go so swiftly, leaving no traces of where it’s gone. His single “There It Goes…” speaks to being left behind with no understanding of where someone you’ve grown to love has disappeared to. Click here to listen:

Habits, Red Flags & Finances – Relationships Special Guest Victoria Horne

Since the COVID pandemic, the ordinary hours spent with your partner as increased to 40 hours per week. Is your relationship being put to the test?

Loving self and turning life’s chaos into a message with special guest Fee King

Fee King, Celebrity trainer will speak to us on how her beliefs, actions, and focus has gotten herself and others healthy.

Ask Dr. Jai

This Article “Swipe Left or Right” Relationship Advice …
Should I leave or Should I stay