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Strategic Ladies, a mother and daughter dual, has spent years evaluating relationships and found that one’s Mindset controls everything. They have found it to be the key to eliminating stress and worry and building healthy relationships. Their mission is to coach individuals into a healthier lifestyle by providing expert advice and implementing AIM (Affirmations, Intentions, and Meditation) that create and sustain the right Mindset.

Learn more about the SL offerings, which include coaching, classes, workshops, and meditation session designed to keep your mind, body, and spirit aligned. Also, listen to their Mindful Media Show, where you will hear tips and tricks to keep you balanced and connected.

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Every moment is an opportunity to get in touch with yourself

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Habits, Red Flags & Finances – Relationships Special Guest Victoria Horne

Since the COVID pandemic, the ordinary hours spent with your partner as increased to 40 hours per week. Is your relationship being put to the test?

Ask Dr. Jai

This Article “Swipe Left or Right” Relationship Advice …
Should I leave or Should I stay

Taking the Act of Kindness from Theory to Practice

Sound research supports the benefits of the act of kindness, even when given in the smallest gesture.

Food Intensifies Love

Food tastes good, is fun, and suits our bodies and souls. But what if the actual benefit is the Love it brings and not just the taste?