A conversation with the “Iconic” Alfa Anderson

Oct 13, 2017

Strategic Ladies, Dr. Estella and Dr. JacintaCk discuss with special guest and music icon Alfa Andersons (from the music group Chic),  past, present, and future business relationships as an Iconic musician.  Alfa Anderson is a soul and dance music icon whose voice defines an entire era of popular music. As one of the original lead vocalists in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame-nominated group, Chic, she helped producers Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards build a mountain of gold and platinum albums with hits like “Le Freak,” “Good Times,” and “I Want Your Love.” To the delight of fans all around the world, Alfa’s “soulful, sensitive delivery” (Billboard) takes center stage with the release of Music From My Heart (2017), her very first full-length solo album. Listen in…

Mindful Media Show | Episode 40

A conversation with the "Iconic" Alfa Anderson