Are Likes Really Likes on Facebook?

Jan 12, 2017

The “Like” feature on Facebook seems simple in nature, but it is actually very complicated. Are you using “likes” to communicate what you think about something or using them for other purposes?  Are you honest about what you like or just being nice?  This week’s Strategic Ladies Show addressed the topic of “Likes” digging deeper into the “Like my Status” phenomena.  Although it feels nice to have them, does it do more than boost your ego and does this stroke of ego give way to a larger problem with you?

Either way, here are some things liking a page does for you and others.

  • Likes can be a status symbol
  • Likes can be someone crying out for attention and help
  • Likes can be a way to build your marketing and relationships with customers
  • Likes can be used by advertisers to know what you like so they can advertise to you

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