Ask Dr. Jai | Tired of Kissing Strangers

by Oct 30, 2018Ask Dr. Jai

Hi Dr. Jai, I am a successful entrepreneur with a thriving career. I have more business and success than I could have ever imagined, but I am lonely.  I have plans to put the right person in my life but year after year, I find myself in meaningless relationships just enjoying the moment.  I’m at a lost on how I can kick-start the process?

~Kissing Strangers

Hi Kissing Strangers! First, congratulations on all your success. It’s good to have a stable career foundation, and taking care of yourself before getting into a relationship is essential. However, it is hard to keep the balance in home life and relationships as a successful business person. It is believed that the first step in any problem is awareness. If you are mindful of this and won’t change, you’ve already kick-started the problem. But, here are a few things to gently nudge even more progress toward your relationship goals.

First, put a positive focus on what you want in a relationship, just like you’ve done in your business. You’d be amazed at how a positive outlook attracts people into your space based on the energy you exhibit. Second, make a list. I know it sounds formal but writing down the must-haves and deal-breakers allows you to avoid focusing on the meaningless things that entrap you in the type of relationship you are not interested in. Lastly, get out there! Although the postman or woman may knock on your door…more than likely, it’s good to get out, be bold, have a coffee at a new place, go to an art show, try a dating site, or find a matchmaker. You’ll never know who will come into view.

Kissing Strangers, sometimes takes realization to make a change by being present, still, and focused so you will see a change in self and what is needed and coming in your life.

Wishing you happiness, peace, love dust.
~ Dr. Jai