Ask Dr. Jai

Sep 18, 2018

“Love yourself by being your true self. ”

~ Dr. Jacinta CK

Many times in relationships people fall victim in trying to hard to change themselves to be something they are not.  Why?  Hoping they gain affection from the one they seek.  But, again why?  Doesn’t this cause problems later?  The answer in most cases… Yes!

Always keep in mind when you love yourself and you are true to yourself you will attract the person you need in your life.  Don’t fake it to make it when it comes to your relationships.  Be Honest, Be True, Be You.  Being anything but this will always leave you regretful and unsatisfied with the relationship. Here are three relationship tips to ensure you are being true to you.

1.  Always value yourself  focusing on positivity

2.  Forgive your mistakes, get rid of unnecessary baggage

3.  Give yourself positive reinforcement, be your own cheerleader