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Award Winning Best Seller!

Let Meditation Mend You shares the theory behind the most common meditation forms. It is perfect for those beginners or the novelist looking to enhance a meditation practice. The book is a supplement to the SL Mindful Relationship Course and is used in  training, lectures, workshops, and libraries.

Emotional Intelligence In Christ

The Emotional Intelligence in Christ book provides tools, case studies, real-world applications, and the Chavous, Cummins, Miller, and Voges EIC model, teaching you how to become emotionally intelligent in Christ. The book includes an EIC journal along with 2 Assessments: Biblical and EIQ. Step out of your old ways into Christ’s way today!

Christ Filled Relationship Evaluator

Your Christ Relationship

If understanding behaviors leading to better relationships is important to you , this training if for you!

The CFRE Profile Assessment is designed to uncover the central tendency you favor for a Christ-filled Relationship. It scores individuals in four behavioral areas: Awareness, Discernment, Emotion, and Renewal. Take the assessment and course so you can begin to have a deeper relationship with Christ.