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Let Meditation Mend You shares the history, origin, and benefits of the most common meditation forms. It is perfect for those beginners or the novelist looking to enhance and de-stress their lives. This book is an excellent start to your meditation journey, and incorporating it into training, lectures, workshops, and libraries answer most meditation questions.

Christ Filled Relationship Evaluator

Your Christ Relationship

The purpose of the CFRE Profile Assessment is to uncover the central tendency you favor for a Christ-filled Relationship. It scores individuals in four behavioral areas: Awareness, Discernment, Emotion, and Renewal. Results can be used for personal development toward Christ-centered activities.
Why Be Mind- Filled? Philippians 4:8

Book 1 of the Sequel

In the first of Jacinta Chavous-Kambach’s passionate, enticing sequel, Amelia’s quest to find her parents takes you on a pursuit of love. Unspoken, the missing link introduces you to a new being in romance fantasy, which, like humans, have the battle to save the ones they love. It is a love story complicated by the need to choose the right love and save a supernatural race.