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Welcome to the introduction of the Christ-Filled relationship course. This introductory course is designed to evaluate your relationship with Christ using four identified C-FRE behaviors. The questions in the evaluator are designed to see the tendency you have toward a certain behavior and once identified provide biblically sound guidance, resources, and tools to create change. It is a way to experientially learn by exploring and understanding how to “FILL” your mind with Christ-Filled teachings.


Learning Objectives

  • Understand how to access and interpret Christ-Filled behaviors

  • Use C-FRE behavior (s) to build a better Christ relationship (s)

  • Learn and Apply the FILL Approach change model

  • Experience Christian Meditation, Intentions, and Resolutions

  • Advance your Christ relationship using Christ Maps

Dr. Estella Chavous
Instructor and Course Developer

Course Structure

This course has five modules that are self paced.  You can see the modules on the image to the right and in the course Content box below. Each module consists of learning activities, a mediation session, and journaling.

Course Resources

  • The Chavous/Chavous-Kambach Christ-Filled Relationship Evaluator (C-FRE)  (available at Amazon)
  • Holy Bible
  • Personal Journal Prompts
  • Recorded meditation sessions
  • Supplimental course content


You will need your bible and a copy of the C-FRE book prior to starting the course. The C-FRE book and e-book are available at Amazon.

Starting in module 2, you will be completing a journal assignment based on the content in each module. Each journal assignment should be a minimum total of 300-words and suggested journal prompts are provided for each module. This is your journal so feel free to go beyond the suggested prompts providing responses based on other readings, relevant sources, and your own life experiences. You should also use your personal prayer and meditation practice experience. This is when God begins to speak and you begin to listen.

At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate of completion. If you are wanting to obtain CEUs for the course, please email me at

Proverbs 19:20: Listen to advice and accept instruction, that you may gain wisdom in the future.

Click on Module 1 below to begin the course.

Course Content

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