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Mindful Relationship Evaluator

This Mindful Relationship Evaluator (M-FRE) is designed to uncover your degree of Mindful Awareness, Mindset, Perception, and Emotional intelligence. Based on these results you can identify areas of opportunity and integrate Mindful activities that motivate, transform, and empower better relationships. Thanks for taking the first step in Mindful relationships.
Click on the link below labeled Mindful Relationship Evaluator to complete the assessment. From the statements given, choose the one which is most characteristic of your own behavior. There are no wrong or right answers, only the ability to identify and integrate activities that help grow better relationships. In many cases, neither statement might be very typical of your behavior, but choose the response which is most likely a characteristic of you. Please take time to read each statement carefully and respond with your honest feedback. The estimated time to complete the evaluator is 3-5 minutes.