Entitlement in the Music Industry with Judah Priest

May 5, 2016

Judah Priest

Judah Priest, an American Hip Hop native of Philadelphia who now resides in New York City, is an avid poet and lyricist. Being inspired by his cousin at the age of 7 he began rapping around his friends and in local talent show cases. Living most of his life in Philly; surrounded by the influence of sex, money, drugs, popularity and the constant rush for fame, he wanted more out of life and at the age of 17, Wu-Tang Clan affiliate Buddha Monk best friend & brother of Old Dirty Bastard took Priest under his wing and made him a key family member of Brooklyn Zu.

Judah Priest has recorded and performed with Wu-Tang Clan artists such as: Cappadonna, Holocaust, U God, Solomon Childs, Ghostface Killah, Sunz of Man, Darkim Be Allah, Killah Priest, Sadat X, Chubb Rock, Juicy J, Lost Children Of Babylon, Main Flow and more. Releasing a successful debut album in 2004 titled “Valley Of Kingz”. Judah followed up with his 2015 sophomore release of “The Dark Ages 8/24 A.D” with the help from Wu-tang Clan affiliates: Buddha Monk of Brooklyn Zu and Hell Razah of Sunz Of Man for the release of his junior album “Dark World”,