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Book Signings

“Let Meditation Mend You” is a historical and practical guide to meditation.  The book was written to educate individuals on meditation and to help them become practitioners of change within themselves and others. Our unique book signings are a way of doing this starting with getting the book into the hands of those that need it and then taking them through a practical application. This starts with a mindful check, storytelling, and then a group guided meditation. This life-changing experience starts you on your mindful journey and on the road to openness.

Media Coverage

Appearing as a guest on various podcasts, radio shows, and TV interviews is a great way to gain credibility, stand out from the crowd, and build your business. The goal of Strategic Ladies Mindful Media is to provide listeners with specific and well-thought-out answers to their question about you and your area of expertise. We also take it a step further by sharing the positive aspects of those we interview so that audiences can connect and get to know that aspect of you better.  By doing this we are true to our foundation and the belief that being mindful of positive energy can overtake and change that which is not.

Speaking, Presentations, and Workshops

Strategic Ladies audience includes singles, single parents, families, and corporate teams.  We present and lead workshops on topics demonstrating how emotional intelligence, perception, and a growth mindset are the contributing factors in successful relationship outcomes. Our keynote speech engages the audience through the sharing of our personal experience of how we struggled, worked, and learned to manage our relationship through conversations coupled with mindful learning. It took us acting in the present “daily” to get to where we are now. We all have the capacity to live a relationship filled life we just have to learn to look deep inside ourselves to unleash it.