The Five Types of Prayer

Feb 12, 2019Mindful Doctor7 comments

Knowing its importance in prayerful communication

It shouldn’t be surprising but most people know how to pray. This is because prayer by definition is a petition of God or words spoken to him which most of us know how to do. In prayer, we are exercising a personal relationship with God asking him for what we want. This article is not about complicating prayer with its deep theological meanings, but rather to make your prayers more specific by understanding the different types and what it takes to get them through. Prayer specificity is one of the most important aspects of communication and knowing Gods mercy lets us know the communication requests no matter what type is being heard.

Type 1 – Worship and Praise.

This prayer acknowledges God for what He is. It does so by showing the love, respect and admiration we have for him.  Go to any church on a Sunday morning and you’ll be sure to witness the praising and worshiping at the beginning of most services.

Type 2 – Petition and Intercession

This prayer is exercised when we are not concerned with our own needs but rather the needs of others.  Intercession causes us to internalize God’s word and exercise his power to change that for which we ask for.

Type 3 – Supplication

This prayer involves the action of asking or begging for something earnestly or humbly through kneeling or bending down in the form of a plea. This is the most humbling of prayer types and takes total surrender and loss of control.

Type 4 – Thanksgiving

This is when we express gratitude for having food, shelter, family, friends, employment, and health is valued by all philosophies. This type of prayer can be seen exercising in the morning when one wakes, during meals when one eats, or at night when one sleeps.

Type 5 – Spiritual Warfare

This is when we deal with the battles within our self and others and use prayer to guard us against attacks, maintain focus, or receive deliverance. This prayer involves us asking Gods word to protect us and guard us against any harm.

So, with all these prayer types how can we know that what we ask for is heard. Daniel 9:18 that says: “We do not make requests of you because we are righteous, but because of your great mercy.” This means that God answers our prayers because of his mercy, not our good works.  And while God does call us to live holy lives, it is not our obedience that moves God to answer our prayers, it is his great mercy toward us. 

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  1. KaSandra Denise Owens

    Good Morning. I need a prayer to pray after I read opening scripture on Sunday Morning. I read the opening scripture at my church. Can you give me some sample prayers to pray? I’m a little nervous when I stand before people.

    • Estella Chavous

      Hi KaSandra,
      Sure. You got this and God gots you covered!
      A prayer for advent would be a nice one. As we prepare for advent, I would like everyone to remember the struggle Joesph and Mary had in bringing our savior into the world. We too are going through a struggle with all the things that has happen to us and the world in 2020. I ask that we remember the meaning of advent which is hope, peace, love, and joy. Remember this and all things can be fulfilled with the word of God. In Jesus we pray.. Amen!

      • LovenarD


    • Cyrus D Cooper

      I need a prayers to pray every now and than

  2. Rose Bessie Ochwada

    This comment from Estella posted on 13th December 2020 has given me new strength as I was struggling with despair due to my personal challenges. God bless you ?

  3. Malakai Qera

    I need biblical Warfare prayer for total + wholly reconcillation, + restoration of + about my family:
    1. Myself + my wife,
    2. Our marriage,
    3. The heritage of God, our children.
    Thank you for your understanding in good faith for your breahthrough prayer in the mighty name of Jesus Christ,
    Hallelujah Holy Spirit of God,
    Glory to God,
    Amen! Amen! Amen!

  4. Sibusiso