Is Leadership Assessment Important?

Aug 21, 2020Mindful Doctor

In all businesses and organizations, the performance, success and longevity depend on its leaders. Too often we do not know the readiness of our leaders until organizational challenges face them testing their leadership qualities and ability to tackle new and existing industry challenges.

Although there are debates on leaders being born or learned along the way, most agree that there are a number of aspects of leadership requiring practice, not built on inborn traits but requiring hard work and developed over time.

Leadership Assessments are good solutions to developing good leadership.

They provide the opportunity to assess and reflect on your leadership capabilities, giving you an objective idea of your abilities as a business leader and develops a desire for improved leadership skills and competencies.

An effective leadership assessment will inform you on who you are as a leader allowing you to take the information and appraise your abilities at different levels. It will identify any gaps in your leadership and help you use it to develop a leadership plan as a course of action.

Developing your leadership is also supported by research.  The Center for Creative Leadership reports that 86 percent of the companies’ surveyed that had a leadership development program in place were able to quickly respond to changes in market conditions.

So, where do you start? There are many assessments out there but here are a few that you can use to either start or continue your leadership development.

  • Meyers-Briggs – Identifies your leadership style
  • USC’s Leadership Style Self-Assessment – Helps determine your leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence Assessment – Measures your IQ – capability for understanding
  • Leadership Blind Spots – Uncovers dangerous leadership blind spots
  • CliftonStrengths – Identifies what you do best and how to develop it.

Remember that the best leaders understand and know themselves, realizing that leadership is a process with no endpoint. They understand that they can always learn, develop, and expand their craft.


~ Mindful Dr. E