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The Five Types of Prayer

This article is not about complicating prayer with its deep theological meanings, but rather to make your prayers more specific by understanding the different types and what it takes to get them through.

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Three Skills for Mindful Listening

Listening is the ability to receive and interpret messages in the communication process. It involves giving one’s attention to sounds or actions. If we listen carefully and deeply we will find ourselves at the heart of all relationships.

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Appreciation: The missing fuel to Mindful Relationships

In every relationship, we want to feel appreciated but showing the act of appreciation is often missed in most relationships. We fail to show appreciation for many reasons but mainly due to failure in recognizing a person’s good qualities or in our lack of understanding their differences. This article discusses appreciation the undervalued fuel in a mindful relationship.

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Control the Out of Control

Controlling the out of control takes discipline, training, and self-control. We never know what will come our way in the course of the day, but we can manage these unknowns through the practice of meditation.

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