The SL Mindful Media Show

SL talks love and relationships...

How to Overcome Relationship Fears

In this week’s Strategic Ladies show we will discuss how relationships fears can signal good and bad warnings and how to train ourselves to listen to the right voice in your head.

Better Nutrition with Chef K

Join the Strategic Ladies Mindful Media Show as we discuss “Going RAW- Steps to Better Nutrition with Chef Keidi Awadu.

Are Bad Moods Really Contagious

Is being around someone with a bad mood contagious? On this show, we will discuss this along with introducing you to our special guest, the beautiful and talented Summer Dennis.


“First Do No Harm” explores the “Had I know What I know now” and discusses how each of us should take health care into you on hands.

Staying Friends with Your Ex

Friendship is one of the most important factors in a relationship. Strategic Ladies will discuss the pros and cons of staying friends with your ex.

Get to know Dr. Jai, author of Unspoken Ones

This week join us to hear about Dr. Jai’s new book, “Unspoken Ones-The missing link”, a fantasy romance that embarks on a love triangle and a mission to save the supernatural world.

David Wide Discusses Music for the Soul

During this episode of the Mindful Media Show, we have the pleasure to speak to David Wide, a music producer and composer, to explore his inspiration behind creating beautiful Music for the Soul.

How Media Affects Social Change

On this week’s Mindful Media Show, we talk about how new forms of media are affecting behavior and relationships. 

Building Music Relationships Internationally

Vocalist, actress and songwriter Victoria Horne joins the Strategic Ladies on the Mindful Media Show to share how she has achieved success in the international market.