The SL Show

SL talks love and relationships...

The Future of the Office

Dr. Estella and Dr. Jacinta discuss “Working in the Office of the Future”.  This podcast will provide insights and help you understand and stay aware of what’s coming and what’s out there.

Developing Better Parenting Skills

Dr. Estella and Dr. Jacinta discuss the topic “Developing Better Parenting Skills.”  They speak about key touchpoints that often cause disagreement, confusion, and harden relationships.

The Science Behind the Mother and Daughter Bond

Dr. Estella and Dr. Jacinta discuss the topic  “The Science behind the Mother and Daughter Bond.” This podcast will provide insights into scientific and behavioral reasons for this important connection.

Staying Mindful in a Chaotic World

Dr. Estella and Dr. Jacinta discuss the topic of staying mindful in a chaotic world. This podcast will provide a framework from which to examine how you get out of autopilot, stay mindful, develop rituals and source out resources to start your mindful meditation practice.

Holiday Relationships

On today’s show. the Strategic Ladies discuss holiday relationship issues.

Setting Boundaries with In-Laws

Dr. Estella and Dr. Jacinta dig into the problems associated with setting boundaries with In-laws.  If you’ve ever wondered what steps to take to overcome this, or even better prevent this, listen in.