C-FRE 100 Introduction Course


The C-FRE 100 course is designed to build a more Christ-Filled Relationship. It starts with a behavior assessment and then takes you through a journey providing essential tools to build and grow a relationship with Christ.

It is must have for Christians seeking to take their relationships with Christ to the next level or for those just learning about him. Relationships take nurturing and this course teaches you how to do this through an exploration of yourself and through the application of God commissioned tools coupled with biblical teaching.



The C-FRE 100 course is intended to develop a more Christ-Filled relationship. The course will introduce you to Christ-Filled behaviors that uncover your current relationship with Christ setting the platform for growth and change. It will teach you how to develop areas of opportunity and share identified strengths. The course contains five modules that explore intentions, meditation, prayer, and how to use the Fill Approach to build a Christ Map for change. The course has five learning outcomes:

  1. Understand how to access, interpret, and build on C-FRE behaviors
  2. Learning and applying the FILL Approach to change
  3. Experiencing Christ-Filled Meditation
  4. Learning Christ Intentions and Resolution
  5. Advancing your Christ-Filled relationship using Christ Maps

Relationships take nurturing, and this course teaches you how to do this by exploring yourself and applying God commissioned tools coupled with biblical teaching.


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