Professional Relationships Coaching 

Are You Dealing with Problems in a Personal or Professional Relationship?

Strategic Ladies Dr. Estella Chavous and Dr. Jacinta Kambach developed the “Loving Coaching Six-Step Method” to help identify your goals, uncover the roadblocks, and provide effective outcomes. This coaching method believes in showing tenderness, compassion, and sensitivity to others’ needs and follows the popular research suggesting happy relationships improve health and wellbeing.  The core of successful and fulfilling relationships is emotional control and love. Not having the rights amounts of these are the roots of relationship problems and leads to a lack of conflict resolution.

Strategic Ladies believes in giving you the ability to love your relationships and knows that to do this, you need someone you can confide in, be vulnerable with, and help you along the way.  We believe that each person holds the key to unlocking LOVING relationships and getting the motivation, transformation, and empowerment to do so from us. Take a step toward your new journey by enrolling in our virtual or in-person coaching services today.