Three Skills for Mindful Listening

Oct 23, 2018Mindful Doctor0 comments

Listening is the gift in spiritual guidance.
~Mindful Dr. E

Listening is the ability to receive and interpret messages in the communication process. It involves giving one’s attention to sounds or actions. If we listen carefully and deeply we will find ourselves at the heart of all relationships. In the spiritual sense, this happens when we are still and learn to listen in the present. When we do this, we are open and attentive to a deeper shared connection to things higher than us. Listening is the gift in spiritual guidance welcoming our God into our souls. Knowing how to listen takes being mindful and mindful listening is the essence of willingness.

Here are 3 skills in mindful listening…

  1. Learn how to be present moment by moment
  2. Learn to understand and share the feelings of others
  3. Learn how to practice listening awareness with all your senses


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