Christ-Filled Relationship Evaluator (CFRE Course)

The C-FRE 100 course is designed to build a more Christ-Filled Relationship. It starts with a free behavior assessment and then a course that takes you on a journey providing essential tools to develop and grow a stronger relationship with Christ. The C-FRE assessment identifies where you are, but the course is where the change begins. Enroll in the course today!

Mindful Relationship Evaluator (M-FRE)

Ever wondered where you on in your relationships? The Mindful Relationship evaluator is the start to understanding this. It is designed to uncover your degree of Mindful Awareness, Mindset, Perception, and Emotional intelligence. Along with the evaluator is a course that is coming in Winter 2021. Take the free assessment now so that you are ready to dive in once the course launches!